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Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge with High Speed Cooper Motor

Key Features High-Speed Copper Motor, Ensuring Efficient & Quick Sample Separation. Design Makes It Suitable for Laboratories with Limited Space. Built with Sturdy Materials.

₹1592 - ₹1879

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The Labcare 8x15ml 4000rpm Bench Top Doctor Centrifuge with High Speed Cooper Motor is a powerful and reliable centrifuge that is perfect for use in a lab or clinic setting. This centrifuge can handle up to 8x15ml of sample material at a time, and can reach speeds of up to 4000rpm. The Labcare centrifuge is the perfect tool for anyone looking to do quick and efficient work with small samples. With a capacity of 15 ml and a speed of 4000 rpm, this centrifuge is perfect for quick and easy spinning of samples.
Brand Name Labcare
Unit of Measurement 1
GST% 18 %
Minimum Quantity 1

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