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Supply Chain Solutions: How Just Procure Optimizes Healthcare Procurement for Hospitals

The ambitious goal of healthcare is to have everything they need in stock, available to patients. Wider use of leverage would aid in faster, more effective, and less expensive distribution of healthcare equipment. Cuts in procurement often translate into cuts in treatment and cure. But don't worry; Just Procure has your back.

In Just Procure, our staff and our verified vendors are constantly on the job, harnessing innovation to serve healthcare operations so that hospitals can buy better and save money.

Understanding the Challenges: In health care, each procurement process aims to source or obtain the materials, goods, or services required as inputs into a health care product or service and considers it necessary to provide good patient outcomes. These include durable equipment used in the treatment of patients, services to aid their recovery and well-being, surveying equipment used to monitor land features and aspects of the environment, and medicine provided for the prevention or cure of diseases or disorders. A prosperous procurement process addresses the needs of healthcare services and their delivery within the healthcare system; this includes goods and services from partners involved in the supply chain.

On the other hand, a poor procurement process results in irregularities in supply, ineffective management of the supply chain, and compromised or obsolete items being supplied.

Problems faced during procurement include:

Vendor Management: Hospitals will need to maintain relationships with several vendors in order to receive the high supply of goods they need. Many key suppliers can take hours to find, negotiate, and establish, and can be very time-consuming for the hospital's operations and supply chain teams. But with Just Procure you will be connected to the verified vendors through real-time negotiation, which will make your procurement faster and easier.

Cost Reduction: Cost cutting with no drop in quality at the hospital level is a perpetual challenge for hospitals everywhere. Stringent budgets and the rising cost of healthcare necessitate procurement solutions that maintain financial viability.

Inventory Management: Just Procure's inventory control solutions enable hospitals to achieve the appropriate inventory levels and improve supply chain efficiencies. Utilisation of automatic inventory tracking and the use of advanced data science demand forecasting tools considerably enhances the accuracy of inventory levels on a daily basis and prevents stock outs or excess stock that can lead to product wastages.

Compliance and Regulation: In healthcare procurement, regulatory enforcement is always at the forefront of our minds. Just Procure drills down on regulatory considerations with compliance data, documents, and FDA regulation collection, as well as the necessary certification management tools to holistically help hospitals stay compliant with the regulations, standards, and best practices in healthcare procurement.

Benefits for Hospitals: By partnering with Just Procure, hospitals can realise a wide range of benefits, including:

Cost savings: The solutions provided by Just Procure Vendors enhance the visibility of cost-saving opportunities in all aspects of the hospital for the procurement organisation and optimise procurement spending, which leads to a reduction in cost across the board over time.

Bringing greater efficiency: By using more efficient and automated workflows, better search tools, category management, and structured collaboration between the hospital and their vendors, procurement becomes easy, which is advantageous for both sides in contracts.

Improved Visibility: Just Procure enables more visibility on overall hospital procurement activities by maintaining an unobstructed view of orders and inventory and spending time with vendors so that hospitals get both good products and services from the best vendors.

Better Compliance: Hospitals that use comprehensive compliance management tools are better able to meet the unique regulatory requirements and industry standards of their organisation, reducing their risk of levied fines due to non-compliance and keeping them from the unwanted attention of lawyers.

Enhanced patient care: The program could be made possible by the optimization of procurement ways and the consistent functionality of components. Therefore, the patient care could be in a steady state and the hospital could have that same regularity.


Healthcare procurement is a process that often requires too many partners for scheduling and budgeting, but, Just Procure eliminates such hurdles, bringing technology, data, analytics, and industry knowledge into a single place that supplies accumulated answers in a streamlined approach that reduces costs and drives efficiencies. Just Procure helps the hospitals to transact with ease by making purchases less cumbersome, better control of stock levels, and efficient operational workflows. It gives Just Procure a much sought-after compliance and as a result it can take care of your compliance related needs and your healthcare procurement needs are in safe hands.